2001 Ford F-150 Owner`s Manual

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Dealer sells all Ford F-150 vehicles with paper owner`s manual. Unfortunately, the book can be lost over time. If so, please use the electronic version for the 2001 full-size pickup truck vehicle on this page. It contains 296 pages of useful information about your car.

Document content:
Before driving
Introduction 2 Instrumentation 8 Controls and features 20 Seating and safety restraints 104 Starting and driving
Starting 148 Driving 153 Roadside emergencies 186 Servicing
Maintenance and care 208 Capacities and specifications 261 Customer assistance 274 Reporting safety defects 287 Index 288 All rights reserved. Reproduction by any means, electronic or mechanical including
photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system or translation
in whole or part is not permitted without written authorization from Ford Motor Company.
Ford may change the contents without notice and without incurring obligation.
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Roadside emergencies