Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy determines the way we collect and use any data that may be connected or associated with our online visitors. Here, on this page we explain the main principles we adopt for informational exchange.

LOG DATA never acts like a collector of information. We provide our services freely and do not ask for registration, subscription, or providing any type of your contact or personal data. The site never passes any data that may be referred to as the user’s data to a third party.

In the case a user contacts us, providing any type of personal information for sending an answer or contacting back, all the user’s data is deleted as soon as an issue is solved. We never keep, use or pass the information users share with us.


We use cookies to provide better services and adjust the site for the needs of our visitors. Cookies are small textual files that are automatically sent to a user’s device. Cookies are widely used by many internet sites. Such files allow us to get data like the type of a user’s internet device, time of visiting, geographical location and most preferable content.

This information is not used to identify users and is not considered to be personal. However, any user can forbid cookies exchange and delete any cookies, using the setting section of a browser. If a user denies cookies while using our site it may worsen the quality of our services. It also may make some functions of the site not working properly. Nevertheless, a user won’t be banned from visiting the site or any of its pages.


Using the site means that a user understands and agrees with the principles of our privacy policy. In a case a user has a complaint or need additional explanations about the privacy policy conditions, our client’s support manager is ready to help.