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Owning a Chevy

  • Recognizable and trustworthy name.Chevrolet cars have been popular since the 1910s. The company is known all over the world and has a high trust rate among consumers.
  • Accessible service and easy-to-find details. Chevrolet has specialized service centers globally. Buying original parts is easy in most countries.
  • Strong safety and driver-protection systems. Chevy cars are equipped with automatic braking, lane change alert systems, and rear cross-traffic alerts.
  • Hi-tech approach. Chevrolet constantly works on equipping its cars with innovative features and technologies. Most cars have upgraded systems for comfort, safety, and entertainment.
  • Fuel economy. Chevrolet cars are designed to use less petrol. It allows saving the consumers’ money and helps to protect the environment.
  • Appealing design. Chevrolet cars are one of the best-looking vehicles in the world. The company’s designers find a great balance between modern trends and classy style.
  • Roomy interior. Even compact Chevy models are roomy and provide enough place for the heads and legs of passengers. Chevrolet cars are perfect for long trips and caring extra luggage.
  • Line of original accessories. Chevrolet offers a wide range of accessories like mats, chrome details, nets, etc. All accessories are decorated with a recognizable logo.
  • Noisier engine. Lots of Chevrolet owners tell that the noise level of the engine is higher than in many similar cars of other producers.
  • Plastic details. Cheaper Chevy cars may have plastic interior details that are easily displaced or crashed.
  • Limited maneuverability. A roomy interior makes some Chevrolet cars difficult to navigate and affects maneuverability.


Louis Chevrolet, a famous race car driver and car engineer decided to use his knowledge and experience for creating comfortable and fast cars for daily purposes. Together with William C. Durant and a team of investors, the businessman started Chevrolet Company in autumn 1911. The company became part of the General Motors family.

A strong alliance of innovative vision and a clear understanding of consumers’ needs together with experience in engineering and marketing resulted into creating high-quality automobiles. Chevrolet cars were first to compete with classy Ford products in the USA.

Series C Class Six became the first popular product of Chevrolet. The costly car was designed before the Chevrolet company’s incorporation. Yet, due to the commercial plan, the car was presented to the market only a few years later in 1913. The only pre-production model was demonstrated in the 1912 and 1913 car shows to warm the interest of potential consumers up.

The company’s famous logo appeared in 1914, - years after the company was established. There are two main versions behind the logo’s meaning. The first version says that Louis Chevrolet simply copied the pattern of wallpapers in one of his favorite hotels. Another version points to the similarity between the Chevrolet logo and an emblem of "Coalettes" – the charcoal company.

In 1914 the Company had some hard times due to a long-lasting conflict between its co-owners. Durant and Chevrolet had a dispute discussing cars’ design. In order to solve the conflict, Durant bought Chevrolet’s part of the company and became the only owner of the brand.

Only a few years later, the Chevrolet company hit the sales record with its cheaper Series 490 cars. Such success allowed Durant to buy a controlling interest in General Motors in 1916 and to become the President of GM soon after that. In 1919 Chevrolet and GM merged.

Standing alongside Ford and Chrysler, Chevrolet is called one of the most popular and influential car-producers in history. In the 1950s, the company became the main American producer of affordable cars for personal and business use.

The modern era of Chevrolet is the same bright and successful. The company serves the entire world, being one of the most trustworthy car suppliers. It works on innovative car design and creates environmentally-friendly solutions. Chevrolet became the first producer to present all-electric car with a low price. The Chevrolet eco-mobile was affordable for the mass-market. This invention brought the company lots of new clients and fame. Chevrolet was awarded for ‘Invention of the year’ in 2017 by Time Magazine.

Company's Profile

Year of Incorporation: 1911

Founder: Louis Chevrolet, William C. Durant

Key people: Alan Batey

Location of headquarters: Michigan, US

Location of factories: USA, France, Canada, Hungary, South Korea, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Thailand, Argentina, Egypt, Japan, India, Brazil

Company’s slogan: Find new roads! (Since 2013)

Types of produced cars: sedans, coupes, MPVs, crossovers, sports cars, vans, trucks, CUVs, SUVs