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Owning a Toyota

  • Durability. Toyota cars are created to serve for a lifetime. They are very durable and can serve for several decades without major problems.
  • High resale value. Used Toyotas stay costly. This makes the cars attractive for those consumers who plan to change the car in the nearest years.
  • Hybrid engine. Most popular Toyota models have a hybrid engine that lets them use different sources of energy.
  • Complexity of tech-systems. Toyota cars are often controlled with specially created software. It makes driving a car more complicated for certain people.
  • High price. Toyota cars are rather expensive. After the warranty period is over, it’s costly to repair the cars.


The automobile company Toyota was created by Toyoda Kiichiro in 1937. The car producer became a spin-off of the Toyota Industries company owned by Kiichiro’s father. The first Toyota branded product – Type A engine – was created three years before the independent company was founded.

The first Toyota passenger car was presented in 1936. It was known under the name Toyota AA. The commercial success of the car convinced Toyoda Kiichiro to start a separate company to produce and sell automobiles.

In 1947 Toyota started selling its first small-sized vehicles called “Toyoped”. Soon after the line was launched, Toyota prepared a campaign for entering the international market. The first Toyota cars presentation in the USA was organized in 1957. Yet, the American campaign was withdrawn in a year. The cars’ name was not accepted well as it was associated with toys and domestic animals.

In the early 1980s Toyota reviewed its promotional principles and started to build its first US-based factory to avoid high taxes. The oil crisis made smaller Toyota cars more popular as consumers worldwide were looking for smaller cars with better fuel-efficiency.

In 2005 the company entered the list of 2000 world’s best and most successful companies due to Forbes magazine. Three years later Toyota cars hit the selling records becoming the most popular car brand of the year. The fast-growing success was also stimulated by participation in Formula One.

Since 2005 the company has been working on creating innovative car systems like robot-driving and sensory safety protection. In 2018 the company invested $500 million in creating autonomous self-driving cars that are planned to be presented in the nearest decade.

Company's Profile

Year of Incorporation: 1937

Founder: Kiichiro Toyoda

Key people: Takeshi Uchiyamada

Location of headquarters: Japan

Location of factories: Japan, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Canada, France, Japan, Mexico, Indonesia, Russia, Poland, Philippines, Thailand, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA, Venezuela

Company’s slogan: Let’s Go Places (in the US), Start Your Impossible (Japan), Always a Better Way (Europe)

Types of produced cars: city cars, luxury vehicles, commercial cars