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Owning a Mazda

  • Reliability. CNN called Mazda forth reliable car producer in 2015. According to numerous user surveys, Mazda stays one of the top-recommended cars for its durability and absence of serious issues.
  • Fuel economy. Mazda cars designed to be more environmentally-friendly and less dependable on petrol. Driving Mazda you save up to 15% of fuel compared to many similar car models of different producers.
  • Luxurious design. Mazda offers a great design for an affordable price. More than 70% of Mazda owners think their cars look more luxurious than they cost.
  • Low repair cost. The average repair cost for a Mazda car is $302.92 what is very low, comparing to other cars. For comparison, the average repair cost for Toyota is $486.93.
  • Poor usability. Some consumers believe that Mazda cars fit the Japanese market, however, they are poorly adapted for American or European drivers.
  • Smaller size. Many Mazda models are not roomy. Some drivers report they have lack of legroom and don’t feel comfortable during the long car trips.
  • Expensive fuel. Many Mazda cars like CX-7 run only on premium fuel. This increases spends on fuel.


The company was founded in 1920 in Japan. Primary, the company was called Toyo Cork Kogyo Co., Ltd and adopted the Mazda name only in 1984. Unfortunately, the time when the producer appeared was challenging for business development. Such conditions almost led to the manufacturer’s bankruptcy. However, Hiroshima Saving Bank supported the management of the Japanese company, allowing it to stay on the market.

The first products of the company were machine tools. In order to increase income, it was decided to widen the range of products. Soon the company presented its unique three-wheeled vehicles auto-rickshaws. The new products resembled motorcycles, however, were easier to ride and could carry more people or goods. In the post-war period, such vehicles quickly became popular due to its affordability and mobility.

Around 30 years after selling its first auto-rickshaws, Mazda started to work on its cars. In order to stay different in the car market, the company designed the Wankel rotary engine. It was later used for creating Cosmo Sport – one of the first Mazda cars.

Mazda cars quickly became popular due to their high quality and power in combination with light weight and attractive design. In 1968 the company offered its products to Canadian and North American customers. In two years the brand became known in the USA. Finally, Mazda needed a few months only to become one of the most popular auto products globally.

Now the company has factories on several continents and sells 1.2 – 1.5 million cars in a year. Mazda is one of the most successful business projects in the sphere of car production.

Company's Profile

Year of Incorporation: 1920

Founder: Jujiro Matsuda

Key people: Akira Marumoto

Location of headquarters: Hiroshima, Japan

Location of factories: Japan, USA, China, Colombia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Russia, Mexico

Company’s slogan: Zoom Zoom Forever. Zoom Zoom, Today, Tomorrow, Forever

Types of produced cars: sedans, SUVs, crossovers