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Owning a Honda

  • Fuel efficiency. Honda is known for its environmental-friendly concept that includes using fuel in a smart way. Some regular models of Honda sedans have nearly the same gas mileage as many hybrid cars.
  • Eye-catching design. Honda cars have a recognizable design with plain lines and lots of interesting elements. The uncommon design makes cars look attractive and very modern.
  • Reliability. Honda cars are on the list of the most reliable vehicles. Honda goes after a few brands like Lexus, Suzuki, and Toyota when it’s up to durability and quality, however, most drivers think Honda cars are way more reliable than Audi or Mercedes.
  • No manual gearboxes. Most modern Honda cars are created with an auto gearbox. Some drivers think that manual gearboxes are way better and make driving more comfortable.
  • Outdated entertainment systems. Honda cars are not well equipped when it’s up to entertaining technologies. Some models have no touch panels, no or poor navigation and sound systems.
  • Numerous recalls. The most common Honda problems and recalls are related to the engine, fuel system and steering.


Honda was founded by Soichiro Honda who was an experienced mechanic and businessman. Having no specific education, Soichiro operated with the knowledge that he got during years of cooperating with the Toyota company.

Honda counted on producing low-cost and high-quality motorcycles. The company’s products quickly became popular and Honda started to grow and develop incredibly quickly. It needed only a few years to become the world’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles and bikes in 1964.

A year before its great success, Honda started to produce cars. The company’s first cars had simple construction and affordable price which attracted a lot of local consumers and inspired Honda’s engineers for new inventions.

After making the cars’ quality higher and winning the popularity in the local market, Honda presented its cars in the USA. In order to attract American consumers, Honda started to produce fancy looking cars with an outstanding and bald design. In 1991 the manufacturer presented its first supercar.

After the founder’s death, Honda was at the risk of becoming a bankrupt. However, the new CEO Nobuhiko Kawamoto changed the company’s concept. Honda cars became more environmentally-friendly and stopped supporting popular events like Formula1. The produced cars became larger and more functional, being oriented on families and businesses. Today Honda is one of the world’s largest producers of cars with its factories in several countries in the world.

Company's Profile

Year of Incorporation: 1946

Founder: Soichiro Honda, Takeo Fujisawa

Key people: Toshiaki Mikoshiba, Takahiro Hachigo

Location of headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

Location of factories: China, USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Belgium, Pakistan, Indonesia, Brazil, India, Thailand, Turkey, Mexico, Argentina, Taiwan, Philippines

Company’s slogan: The power of dreams (Since 2007)

Types of produced cars: racing cars, sedans, coupes, vans, light trucks