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Owning a Hyundai

  • Low price. Hyundai reduces the price of most of its models to sell more cars annually. This helps the company to keep it rating high, to attract lots of partners and investors. It’s also a great opportunity to buy an affordable automobile of perfect quality for common consumers.
  • Design. Hyundai cars are designed in a classy way to be eye-catching and stylish. The company’s engineers choose traditional plain shapes with recognizable hi-tech accessories.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty. Most cars have a 5-year warranty. Moreover, the warranty can be extended for a reasonable payment.
  • Low road clearance. Most Hyundai cars are created for city roads only. Off-road conditions may lead to a breakdown and make driving less comfortable.
  • Unstable paint. Owners of Hyundai cars often complain about minor paint defects that may be connected to unstable paint. Peels and stains appear very easily while using a car.


The first Hyundai car was called Cortina and was produced in 1968. While Hyundai was still a new manufacturer, it decided to produce its first models under the supervision of the Ford Company. However, a few years later Hyundai was ready to produce its own car.

After Hyundai hired George Turnbull and a team of British engineers, they created a South Korean revolutionary car called Pony. The car had a classy design and a reliable motor made in Japan by Mitsubishi Motors. The model became the first Hyundai product sold abroad.

Hyundai entered Ecuador’s car market in 1975. However, the real success was a debut on the British market, where the company sold over 2 900 cars in 1982. Two years later Hyundai became very popular in Canada, where a record number of cars were sold. Only a year after, in 1985 the company produced its millionth car.

While Hyundai had some delays entering the US market, it finally won a ‘Best Product’ award by Fortune Magazine in 1986 – the same year Hyundai entered the American market. The cars were highly appreciated for their affordable price and good quality.

In an attempt to create a world-class car, Hyundai’s engineers upgraded the car’s design, security systems, and durability of the car. In 1999 the producer added a 10-year warranty for all models, presenting renovated Hyundai products. As a result, the company became recognized as one of the 100 most valuable and trustworthy brands worldwide.

Company's Profile

Year of Incorporation: 1967

Founder: Chung Ju-yung

Key people: Chun Mong-koo, Gap Han Yoon

Location of headquarters: South Korea, Seoul

Location of factories: South Korea, USA, India

Company’s slogan: New thinking, new possibilities

Types of produced cars: sedans, coupes, SUVs, commercial cars