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Owning a Mercedes

  • Wide Choice. Mercedes customize their cars ultimately. Each car class comes in at least 5 base options. Consumers can also choose car packages, including base, luxury or sports ones. The official dealers offer lots of color solutions. In addition a car’s design is completely adjustable, including replaceable minor details like badges.
  • Full coverage. The company offers 4 years warranty for any Mercedes car. The warranty works for any type of damages, errors, and even accidents.
  • Safety. Mercedes-Benz cars are recognized as one of the safest vehicles. All modern cars are equipped with active and passive safety systems that work for preventing any car accidents and securing passengers’ lives if an accident happens.
  • High-price. Being one of the most popular car brands, Mercedes sells its cars for a high price.
  • Expensive maintenance. The original car parts produced at Mercedes factories are costly. If the warranty for a car is over, a car owner shall pay to repair or refurbish a car.
  • Technology lags. While Mercedes cars are safe and reliable, the owners often complain about errors and lags connected to technology. The modern cars have quite complicated hi-tech system. This means there’re many things that can go wrong.


The Mercedes-Benz company was a project of two talented engineers: Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler. Benz created the world’s first internal combustion engine, while Daimler offered using a petrol engine for automobiles. The inventors managed to implement their ideas in the Mercedes automobile. The first car was sold in 1901 and was presented by Daimler Motors Corporation.

The name of the car was offered by Emil Jellinek who wanted to name the brand after his daughter. Jellinek was an entrepreneur and commercial partner of DMC. He registered the Mercedes name and the trademark and made the cars popular among noble families in Europe and later in the USA.

The company became one of the most recognizable car producers. In the 1930s Mercedes vehicles were often bought by country and military leaders, including Adolf Hitler who drove his famous bulletproof car. Later the company paid over 12 million dollars to support families of victims of the Nazi regime and to restore their reputation.

After the Second World War, the company presented lots of innovative car models. The engineers also designed luxurious vehicles that are often seen in retro Hollywood movies. Mercedes became a symbol of wealthy life and fancy taste. Now, the company produces several types of vehicles including luxurious models, family cars, and cars for businesses.

Company's Profile

Year of Incorporation: 1926

Founder: Karl Benz, Gottlieb Daimler

Key people: Ola Kallenius

Location of headquarters: Germany

Location of factories: Algeria, Austria, Australia, Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Columbia, Canada, China, Egypt, Finland, Hungary, Jordan, Iran, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Malaysia, Nigeria, Russia, Spain, South Korea, South Africa, Serbia, Turkey, Thailand, Taiwan, USA, UK, Vietnam

Company’s slogan: The best or nothing

Types of produced cars: city automobiles, luxury vehicles, trucks, vans, buses, sports cars