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Owning a Dodge

  • Easy to trade-in. Dodge cars are easier to re-sell even after years of use. They are popular and always desirable for both common users and car collectors.
  • Reliability. Dodge enters the list of 10-most reliable car brands in the world.
  • Lower-cost luxury. While offering a range of luxurious models, Dodge keeps its prices noticeably lower than most of its main competitors.
  • Classy design. Several Dodge models were recognized as the top-beautiful cars on the planet.
  • Expensive maintenance. It’s reported that an average sum that Dodge owners spend on maintenance is equal to $652. That is high comparing to $590 that owners of full-sized cars of other brands spend annually.
  • Weak rust protection. Some cheaper Dodge models may be affected by rust sooner than similar models of other producers.


The company was founded in Detroit by two ambitious brothers – John and Horace Dodge. Being a newbie at the growing market the company specialized in producing engines and car parts and was soon noticed for the high quality of its products.

Before becoming an independent car producer, Dodge co-worked with Ford. The company started to produce its own-branded cars in 1914. Soon after its debut, Dodge became the second most popular car brand in the US and one the main competitors of Ford.

Later Dodge became the main supplier of military vehicles to the American Army. Around 13 000 Dodge cars were used during World War I. After the death of the Dodge brothers in 1920, the company started to lose its position on the market.

Yet, in 1927 it was already seventh popular US car producer and was sold to Chrysler Corporation a year later. Being known as a military supplier, Dodge concentrated its production to satisfy the needs of the American army before and during World War II.

However, soon after the war was over, the company came back to producing civilian cars and returned its popularity in 1946. During the post-war period, the company was producing standard models, facing little competitors and strong demand for new cars.

However, a few years later Dodge managers were already looking for new tricks to attract the buyers. The company’s winning decision was to change the cars’ design. The first luck-bringing designer working with Dodge was Virgil Exner. He created a new image of Dodge products, making them strongly associated with luxury.

In 1998 Dodge merged with Daimler Benz AG to form DaimlerChrysler and became the low-price division of the company. In about two decades Fiat purchased Dodge after the Daimler Chrysler commercial collapse.

Having a history rich in rises and falls, Dodge remains one of the world most desirable brands and is strongly associated with trustworthy quality and recognizable design.

Company's Profile

Year of Incorporation: 1900

Founder: John Francis Dodge, Horace Elgin Dodge

Key people: Michael Manley

Location of headquarters: Michigan, US

Location of factories: USA, Mexico, Canada, Venezuela

Company’s slogan: Domestic. Not domesticated (Since 2016)

Types of produced cars: passenger cars, vans, sports cars, pickups medium and heavy trucks