2005 Chevrolet Cobalt Owner Manual

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This manual for 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt contains important information for the car owner: how to change wheels and normal pressure, purpose of dashboard indicators, oil and fluid changes, maintenance schedule, warranty, tips & tricks, troubleshooting, etc. The owner manual is a PDF file, which opens in a browser window and contains 360 pages to be read before using the vehicle.

Document content:
Heated Seats Your vehicle may have heated front seats. This feature
instrumentpanelabovetheclimatecontrolsystem. Press the side of the
switch with the double
indicator lights to turn on
the heated seat at the
highest setting.
Both indicator lights will be lit to indicate that the setting
is on high. Press the side of the switch with the single
indicator light to go to the low setting. The indicator light
will be lit to indicate that the setting is on low. Return
the switch to the center to turn off the heated seat.
If your vehicle has been turned off, the last heated seat
settingwillberetainedwhenthevehicleisstartedagain. Reclining Seatbacks Your vehicle has reclining seatbacks. The lever is
located on the outboard side of the seats. Lift the lever
to release the seatback. Move the seatback to where
you want it and release the lever to lock the seatback in
place. Press rearward on the seatback to be sure it is
locked into place. Driver's Side Switch,
Passenger's Side Similar