2005 Chevrolet Silverado Owner Manual

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The owner manual contains a wealth of valuable information, from the recommended 2005 Chevrolet Silverado service schedule to the GMT800 pickup truck dashboard layout. You need to know the purpose of the dashboard images, the correct vehicle settings, the recommended maintenance schedule and troubleshooting. All this information is contained in a PDF document and available free of charge for viewing in a browser.

Document content:
Power Seats If your vehicle has a power seat, you can adjust it with
thesecontrolslocatedontheoutboardsidesoftheseats.  Raiseorlowerthefrontoftheseatcushionbyraising
orloweringtheforwardedgeofthehorizontalcontrol.  Movetheseatforwardorrearwardbymovingthe
wholehorizontalcontrolforwardorrearward.  Raiseorlowertherearoftheseatcushionbyraising
orloweringtherearedgeofthehorizontalcontrol.  Movingthewholehorizontalcontrolupordown
raisesorlowerstheentireseatcushion. If your vehicle has power reclining seats, you can use
the vertical control to adjust the angle of the seatback.
Move the reclining front seatback rearward or forward
by moving the control toward the rear or the front of the
vehicle. See Reclining Seatbacks on page 1-6 . Power Lumbar Yourvehicle'sseatsmaybeequippedwithpowerlumbar. You can increase or
decrease lumbar support
in an area of the lower
seatback with this control,
located on the outboard
sides of the front seat(s).
To increase support, press and hold the front of the
control. To decrease support, press and hold the rear
of the control. Let go of the control when the lower
seatback reaches the desired level of support.
You can also reshape the side wing area of the lower
seatback for more lateral support.