1998 Ford F-250 Owner`s Manual

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The owner`s manual contains a wealth of valuable information, from the recommended 1998 Ford F-250 service schedule to the full-size pickup truck dashboard layout. You need to know the purpose of the dashboard images, the correct vehicle settings, the recommended maintenance schedule and troubleshooting. All this information is contained in a PDF document and available free of charge for viewing in a browser.

Document content:
Before driving
Introduction 2 Instrumentation 4 Controls and features 17 Seating and safety restraints 48 Starting and driving
Starting 76 Driving 83 Roadside emergencies 131 Servicing
Maintenance and care 152 Capacities and specifications 205 Reporting safety defects 215 Index 216 All rights reserved. Reproduction by any means, electronic or mechanical
including photocopying, recording or by any information storage
and retrieval system or translation in whole or part is not permitted without
written authorization from Ford Motor Company.
Copyright r 1997 Ford Motor Company
Elemental Chlorine Free Contents 1
Driving 83
Roadside emergencies 131