2010 Honda CR-V Owner`s Manual

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Dealer sells all Honda CR-V vehicles with paper owner`s manual. Unfortunately, the book can be lost over time. If so, please use the electronic version for the 2010 compact crossover SUV vehicle on this page. It contains 446 pages of useful information about your car.

Document content:
Your CR-V hashigher groundclearance thana passenger vehicle designedfor use only onpavement.Higher ground
clearance has many advantages for off-highway driving.It allows youtotravelover bumps,obstacles,andrough
terrain.It alsoprovides goodvisibility soyoucananticipate problems earlier.
These advantages come at some cost.Because your vehicle is taller andrides higher off the ground,it has a high
center of gravity.This means your vehicle cantipor rollover if youmake abrupt turns.Utility vehicles have a
significantly higher rollover rate thanother types of vehicles.Ina rollover crash,anunbeltedpersonis significantly
morelikelytodiethana personwearinga seat belt.Asa reminder,makesureyouandyourpassengersalwayswear
seat belts.
For informationonhow toreduce the risk of rollover,read'DrivingGuidelines' onpage of this manualandthe sectiononpage .Failuretooperateyourvehiclecorrectlymight result inlossof control,acrash,orrollover. 312 336 Off-Highway DrivingGuidelines Important Handling Information iv 09/07/16 17:43:29 31SWA630_005