2016 Hyundai Elantra Owner`s Manual

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New Hyundai Elantra vehicles are equipped with a paper book. If you lost it or bought a car on the automotive aftermarket, use the owner`s manual on this page to learn all the features of the 2016 model year, because they may differ significantly from the models of previous and subsequent years.

Document content:
We want to help you get the greatest
possible driving pleasure from your
vehicle. Your Owner's Manual can
assist you in many ways.We strongly
recommend that you read the entire
manual. In order to minimize the
chance of death or injury, you must
read the WARNING and CAUTION
sections in this manual.
Illustrations complement the words
in this manual to best explain how to
enjoy your vehicle. By reading your
manual, you will learn about fea-
tures, important safety information,
and driving tips under various road
The general layout of the manual is
provided in the Table of Contents. A
good place to start is the index;it has
an alphabetical listing of all informa-
tion in your manual. Sections: This manual has eight
chapters plus an index.Each chapter
begins with a brief list of contents so
you can tell at a glance if that chap-
ter has the information you want. You will find various WARNINGs,
CAUTIONs, and NOTICEs in this
manual.These WARNINGs were pre-
pared to enhance your personal safe-
ty.You should carefully read and fol-
low ALL procedures and recommen-
dations provided in these WARN-
INGS, CAUTIONS and NOTICES.   NOTICE A NOTICE indicates interesting or
helpful information is being provided.
WARNING A WARNING indicates a situa-
tion in which harm,serious bod-
ily injury,or death could result if
the warning is ignored.
CAUTION A CAUTION indicates a situation
in which damage to your vehicle
could result if the caution is
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