2012 Mazda CX-7 Owner`s Manual

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New Mazda CX-7 vehicles are equipped with a paper book. If you lost it or bought a car on the automotive aftermarket, use the owner`s manual on this page to learn all the features of the 2012 model year, because they may differ significantly from the 5-door SUV models of previous and subsequent years.

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Monday, October 3 2011 11:11 AM Form No.8CG4-EC-11J
Table of Contents
Your Vehicle at aGlance Interior,exterior views and part identification of your Mazda. 1
Essential Safety Equipment Useof safety equipment, including seats, seatbelt system, child-restraint
systems and SRS airbags. 2
Knowing Your Mazda Explanation of basic operationsand controls; opening/closingand adjustment
of variousparts. 3
BeforeDriving Your Mazda Important information about drivingyour Mazda. 4
Driving Your Mazda Explanation of instruments and controls. 5
Interior Comfort Useof various features fordrive comfort, including air-conditioning and audio
system. 6
In Caseofan Emergency Helpful information onwhat todo inan emergency. 7
Maintenance andCare How tokeepyour Mazdain topcondition. 8
Customer Information andReporting Safety Defects Important consumer information including warranties and add-on equipment. 9
Specifications Technical information about your Mazda. 10
Index 11