2010 Chevrolet Camaro Owner Manual

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A modern vehicle is a complex technique that is constantly being modernized. This page contains owner manual for 2010 Chevrolet Camaro 2-door coupe in English. The information from the document will allow you to understand all the features and learn how to properly maintain your car.

Document content:
If the driver door is open when Q is pressed, all doors lock except
the driver door, if enabled through
the vehicle personalization.
Pressing Q may also arm the theft-deterrent system. See
Anti-Theft Alarm System on
page 1-10 . K (Unlock): Press to unlock the driver door or all doors, see
ORemote UnlockO under Vehicle Personalization on page 4-38 . The turn signal indicators may ssash
and/or the horn may sound to
indicate unlocking, see ORemote
FeedbackO under Vehicle Personalization on page 4-38 . Pressing K will disarm the theft-deterrent system. See
Anti-Theft Alarm System on
page 1-10 . V (Remote Trunk Release):
Press and hold to unlock the trunk. 7 (VehicleLocator/PanicAlarm):
Pressandhold 7 foratleast twosecondstosoundthepanic
signalsssashuntil 7 ispressedagain orthekeyisplacedintheignition
andturnedtoON/RUN. / (Remote Vehicle Start): For vehicles with this feature, press Q and then / to start the engine from outside the vehicle using the RKE
transmitter. See Remote Vehicle Start on page 1-5 for additional information. Programming Transmitters to
the Vehicle Only RKE transmitters programmed
to this vehicle will work. If a
transmitter is lost or stolen, a
replacement can be purchased
and programmed through your
dealer/retailer. When the
replacement transmitter is
programmed to this vehicle, all
remaining transmitters must also be
reprogrammed. Any lost or stolen
transmitters will no longer work once
the new transmitter is programmed. Battery Replacement Replace the battery if the Replace
Battery in Remote Key message
displays in the DIC. See OReplace
Battery in Remote KeyO under
Key and Lock Messages on
page 4-33 .
The battery is not rechargeable.
See your dealer/retailer to replace
the battery.
1-4 Keys, Doors and Windows