2000 Ford Contour Owner`s Manual

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If you have bought a new or used Ford Contour car, we recommend that you carefully read owner`s manual, which contains all the necessary information for the correct run, operation and maintenance of the car. Pay attention to the specified year, because features and available functions are subject to change by the 4-door sedan manufacturer. This manual is for the series manufactured in 2000.

Document content:
Contents Before driving
Introduction 2 Instrumentation 6 Controls and features 22 Seating and safety restraints 74 Starting and driving
Starting 108 Driving 116 Roadside emergencies 141 Servicing
Maintenance and care 162 Capacities and specifications 223 Customer assistance 223 Reporting safety defects (U.S. only) 241
Index 242
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Starting 108
Driving 116